Until last week everythink works fine, but in structured data testing tool, I received problem in breadcrumb section.

The value provided for item.id must be a valid URL.

Page URL: https://colorwhistle.com/services/wordpress-web-design-development/

This problem is on every page on my website and I can't find source of this problem. Also I have no idea what cause this problem.


You have to use id as well for BreadcrumbList. Edit your code to add id (this can be your URL) Example code :

    "@id": "https://colorwhistle.com/services/wordpress-web-design-development/",
    "name": "WordPress Development Services" 

EDIT - Remove URL all together use @id instead

EDIT 2 - Implementation guidelines and details Google guidelines for Breadcrumb Schema.org for BreadcrumbList

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