According to the newest regulations and our law department each website our company owns/manages needs to have a page that lists all cookies and local storage items used on the site. I tried to find some examples on how the actual list should look like. I managed to find a table of cookies that contains all cookies used on site - it has 4 columns in total: cookie name, cookie type, its purpose and duration.

Now I would like to know how a table of local storage items should look like. What information should be contained here?

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The data provided in most modern browser Dev Tools should suffice. Below are the various sections in the Developer Tools windows where you can find the information, and a sample screenshot for each (the developer tool tabs are hyperlinked to the respective developer tool documentation for that section/feature. Chrome gives the most details and information.

In Google Chrome, local storage and cookies can be found under the "Application" panel.
Chrome developer tools application tab

In Microsoft Edge, these can be found under the "Debugger tab" enter image description here

In Firefox, this can be found under the "Storage tab". firefox developer tools storage tab

  • I know how to find items stored in local storage. My question was "what information should be also included in the list" - In chrome dev tools there is only name in the first column and value in the second ... Our policy requires to have a single page with all these items listed on it Aug 21, 2018 at 8:25
  • For the local storage, i'd recommend repurposing the table that chrome's dev tools shows- actual key for each local storage component, and a description of what the value represents, and perhaps when it is updated or cleared. Aug 21, 2018 at 13:55

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