I have a page that redirects using a meta-refresh. The server is located in the USA. However, the majority of our visitors are spread across the globe.

I need this page to redirect as fast as possible. Switching the redirect to a server-side redirect is NOT an option.

I currently use CloudFlare as our CDN. However, CloudFlare does not cache dynamic content or HTML.

I need to figure out a way to speed up redirect time for international visitors. Here are is a list of ways I'm aware of that this could be done:

Switch to a CDN that caches dynamic content.

Use a load balancer and setup multiple hosts across the globe.

Pre-load the target page in a hidden iFrame so that the redirect will occur faster as the browser will hit the local cache and skip the DNS lookup as described here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4139039/fastest-non-server-side-redirect-method

Does anyone have any specific recommendations for CDNs that can easily accomplish the above or have an ideas about how to accomplish this that I've missed?

  • 1: Why is server redirect not an option? That's pretty limiting, especially considering how far you're willing to explore other options. 2: In what language is the site/CMS written? You could easily do this in PHP/Rails without needing full server access. 3. Have you considered a .htaccess redirect? That's not necessarily "server-side" per se.... – Andrew Lott Aug 13 at 21:17
  • @Bert It's unclear what kind of dynamic content you're serving, but if it doesn't change that frequently (e.g., like a news site), then take a look at CloudFlare's Railgun option, and PageRules. – dan Aug 14 at 3:59

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