I use SFTP in Filezilla to transfer files to and from my web host. But if I want to create an account for a vendor, it seems I am limited to FTP or FTPES. I was told this was a restriction of CPanel managed servers. Is this true? Are there any workarounds?


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SFTP is SSH file transfer protocol and it is an optional option

  • Some shared hosts disable SSH.
  • Some shared hosts enable SSH.
  • Some shared hosts will enable SSH it if you contact them.

Setting up multiple users using multiple SSH Keys

cPanel does allow technically allow for multiple SSH users by using multiple keys, however unlike FTP users, you are unable to restrict them to a given folder, instead, you are giving them full administration rights for the entire /home/your-account directory.

Which includes:

  • /home/your-account/mail
  • /home/your-account/logs
  • /home/your-account/public_html

cPanel SFTP should only ever given to administrators of the account. If you want associated directories etc, then you should opt to use your own dedicated server or virtual machine.

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