--> error = "Invalid character in header name."
--> header_name = "last-modified:"
--> header_value = "Thursday,%2009-Aug-2018%2001:21:53%20GMT"

This error message is preventing static content from being displayed in Chrome


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The issue turned out to be the colon in header_name = "last-modified:" Basically, there were two colons in the ngnix config file, which lead Chrome to throw an error (Firefox, on the other hand, ignores this and renders the page). The header_name should simply be header_name = "last-modified"


Despite that that the error description indicates the problem is in the "header name," I suspect that the issue is actually with the header_value.

On StackOverflow, The date/time format used in HTTP headers says

In section 14.29 Last-Modified you can see that date format should be:

"Last-Modified" ":" HTTP-date

An example of its use is

Last-Modified: Tue, 15 Nov 1994 12:45:26 GMT

The last modified date in your error doesn't look like that. It doesn't have any spaces. Instead they have been replaced by %20 which indicates that the date has been URL encoded.

I don't know of any reason that the standard HTTP headers should be encoded like that. See on StackOverflow: Is it appropriate or necessary to use percent-encoding with HTTP Headers? I'm not sure how you would have configured your server to percent-encode the last-modified header. However you did it, the solution to your problem should be to remove that encoding.

Chrome is probably encountering the first % and is saying "I didn't expect a percent there! Invalid character."

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