I'm a contract web developer, and I'm working for someone who has a view to create his own web development consultancy. For the project we're currently working on - the graphic designer has provided a design that uses a proprietary font (Helvetica Neue).

From that particular site - it looks like you pay for a bundle of page views - 2,500,000 being ~$2500.

The main questions I have are, from the perspective of a person or an organisation that is going to create several websites for different clients:

  • What do I need to know about contractual/legal requirements about purchasing proprietary fonts (and other proprietary assets for that matter).
  • What are the typically sensible strategies for managing proprietary resources?

Things I'm thinking about are:

  • Just include the costs of proprietary content when estimating a job. (In which case - what ballpark figures should be used?)
  • Require that the graphic designer includes the font as part of their deliverable? (Is that even possible?)
  • Purchase a set of fonts that can be used across all projects, and require that the graphic designer uses them.


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