For historical reasons, we have several sites that live inside the public_html folder of a different site (all hosted on sitegrounds).

To complicate things up, the root domain has a name that is the intended address of the site.

So the root domain is called 123.example.com
The 456 subdomain (for the 456.example.com site, built in wordpress) has a root.subdomain of 456.123.example.com

The problem is, the site living in the root is a joomla site with SEO rewrite URL active. So, when I try to access


it gets rewrited as


which is a 404 joomla page.

Trying to access abcd.siteground.xy/~cpanelusername/456.example.com gives a wordpress "page not found" error, which makes me think the path is right...

...but going to abcd.siteground.xy/~cpanelusername/456.example.com/wp-admin gets redirected to 123.example.com/en/~cpanelusername/456.example.com/wp-admin (404 joomla page)

Can I access the wp admin interface without disabling joomla's SEO URL rewrite?

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    Fix the issue... don't band-aid it. Update your Joomla config & SQL database replacing old paths with new ones. – Simon Hayter Aug 3 '18 at 21:37

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