My question has to do with the location of my website's audience.

I moderate a website for a music school in San Diego. I recently moved from San Diego to Honolulu and now the location of the people visiting my website is Honolulu. I did not change any of the code or the keywords. The only difference is where I'm physically uploading content to the website.

Why did this change occur and how do I increase the traffic of people living in San Diego?

I checked this post. It touched on the subject, but didn't really answer my question. All I did was upload content from a different location and the location of the people visiting my site instantly changed.

I update the site with FileZilla and I use Google Analytics for statistics.

Thank you in advance for the help.

  • You didn't change the hosting location? It isn't hosted on your home computer? – Stephen Ostermiller Jul 11 '18 at 9:42

The fact that you are in a new location and this is where the traffic spike is from would mean:

  • People you are interacting with who live in Honolulu are visiting your website
  • Your visits to your own website are being tracked in google analytics. Best solutions for this are either Excluding internal traffic, or the Google Opt out plugin

If you are wanting to pull more traffic from San Diego, I would look to add more San Diego focused content, get links from other relevant websites in San Diego, or be active in San Diego focused music forums/social media.

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