I am trying to set up cross domain tracking for my company and I think I have most of it down except for a couple of questions regarding the modification of the GA Universal tag. When I click on "Cross Domain Tracking" under "Fields To Set" I have three options. I understand I have to put the Cross Domain Tracking variable I created under "Auto Link Domains". But what do I put under "Use Hash Delimiter" and "Decorate Forums"? I don't even know what these two things mean much less what I should select for their values. All I want to do is make sure all of the traffic for the myriad of domains we have is reported under one account. thanks.


In instances where urls already have parameters appended, they are usually appended with a ?


"Use Hash Delimiter" set to true allows the linker parameter to be added via a # which is useful where there are parameters already appended to the url or where some setups strip parameters appended with a ?


(It is the equiv of useAnchor in the autoLink method when configuring the analytics.js tracking code snippet.)

"Decorate Forums" is set to true when needing to add a linker parameter to form submissions that point to destinations matching the domain parameter.

GA Dev Documenation for autolink method and parameters

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