We are having a bit of trouble in setting up country-specific subdomains in Google Analytics and it is not registering traffic on one of the subdomains.

So the domains are example.com & nz.example.com. when someone from NZ visits example.com, they are automatically redirected to nz.example.com.

Both the domains have separate GTM code setup and separate analytics property but the sub-domain is not registering any hits. I tried sending test traffic as well. A detailed look into tag manager gave me this error

enter image description here

The codes are correctly setup in head & body. I tried reading a lot of guides but not really helpful.

Should I continue with the current setup of different tracking id for each subdomain or should I go with single analytics code on example.com, use cookie function in tag manager and set up different filters in analytics.

  • Try to publish your container. – Filozof666 Jan 23 '19 at 7:18

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