I am seeing mobile usability issues in my Google Search Console report. When I tested the pages they were 'Mobile Friendly' but there were some page loading issues:

page resources couldn’t be loaded enter image description here


Java script console errorsenter image description here

For the former one, some resources were blocked by my robots.txt file, and some others were for Google Analytics and ads. I did some research and found they are not relevant unless they are from my site.

I don't understand however if the JavaScript console errors are responsible for a page not being mobile-friendly or not as the test shows page is mobile-friendly.

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    More than likely it's still mobile-friendly, though the JavaScript errors might prevent the page from being displayed properly in some browsers, including mobile browsers. The first two errors suggest you likely didn't link JQuery correctly - either it's missing, or specified as a relative URL (or possibly just http instead of https). Try searching and replacing it with one of the absolute URLs from a JQuery CDN. For the first set of errors, unblock them in your robots.txt directives if you want them to be displayed without errors in Google Search Console. – dan Jun 19 '18 at 6:35

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