We currently have two properties in our Search Console account:

  • https://www.NewURL.tld (this is our canonical URL)
  • https://www.OldURL.tld (now redirects to www.NewURL.tld)

We just went through a company name change and re-branding.

I understand I need to add three more properties:

  • https://NewURL.tld
  • http://www.NewURL.tld
  • http://NewURL.tld

Should I remove the https://www.OldURL.tld from the properties list? I am assuming so, but wanted to get your opinions as well.

  • I would add 4 properties https ://www. NewURL.tld too.
    – Max
    Jun 20, 2018 at 16:52

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As a good practice, you should always keep old, new and all variations of both as a property on Google Search Console. But why? this is due to the fact that should a problem arise Google can notify you. This includes but not limited by redirect hacks, malware and even penalties.


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