I have problem with Facebook debugger, I tried to scrape domains few times, and I got strange results.

Facebook debugger is caching different IP addresses for the same domain. I saw a few different IP addresses in half hour of scraping.


Sites is located on (ping)

I suspect that the problem is dedicated to the http and https protocol or with DNS because debugger showing crazy redirect cycles.

For example:

Espreso.rs and kurir.rs is websites with a lot of traffic. I doubt that that affecting our FB organic reach, which is serious problem for us.

I already contacted them but I want to hear another opinion.

  • It isn't unusual for high traffic sites to have multiple IP addresses. And www.kurir.ws and kurir.ws resolve to different IPs for me, so that might explain part of what you are seeing. "I doubt that that affecting our FB organic reach" doesn't make much sense, so perhaps you could clarify what the problem is. – Tim Fountain Jun 14 '18 at 23:11

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