I am using (customizing) a Bootstrap 4 template and have come across several "widgets" mentioned in the HTML code (e.g., single-sidebar-widget, editors-pick-widget). However, I can't see that they do anything. I understand there are certain widgets that do things (e.g., tooltips) and they have code but many, like the two mentioned above, don't seem to have any code.

I may be off-base here with the topic of this post, if I am let me know and I will remove it. However, I have tried to find a decent explanation but can't find any. If there is, please let me know.


Bootstrap doesnt contain any "widget" code in its source. The "single-sidebar-widget" and "editors-pick-widget" may just be additions included in the specific template you are working with. Typically these can be standalone blocks of code that can be placed wherever you like.


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