Let's assume there's an HTML page hosted on http://programmer-domain.example/iframe.html, containing text "SDFHIASDFASDFKSDAF".

Let's assume there's also another page, http://customer-domain.example/index.html, that includes this first page via an iframe tag.

As it's known, Google indexing engine indexes the iframes in a way if you google for "SDFHIASDFASDFKSDAF", both pages will be shown in results.

How can this be achieved that only the page in customer-domain.example is indexed, but not the programmer-domain.example one? I guess using noindex in HTML tags of iframe.html, or Disallow-ing in robots.txt of programmer-domain.example will result in no pages being indexed.

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You could try to set a canonical tag to your parent document. Add the following to the head of your iframe:

<link rel="canonical" href="https://your-parent-document" />

This is a signal to search engines that your parent doc is the preferred resource.

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