About a month ago, I moved my site from http://www.etihadassessment.com to https://www.cabincrewevents.com. My traffic went from 5k pagesviews a day to only 400-600 a day.

I have tested few tools and some are saying that my redirect is perfectly done. And others like screaming frog, say it's a 302! when i'm sure I have redirected the domain as 301 in my godaddy account.

Do I need to add canonical tags at this point? and what can I do to recover the traffic faster?

By the way, I have also changed the internal and external links to all pages and everything loads in SSL protocol.

Thanks in advance


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You only have to test this in a browser to see that there is something "wrong/bizarre" with the redirect. For example:

  • Request http://one.example.com/foo
  • 302 redirect to http://one.example.com/MPbiZ/foo (where MPbiZ is a random 5 char code that varies every time)
  • 302 redirect back to http://one.example.com/foo
  • 301 redirect to https://two.example.com/foo

There is certainly some weird random middleman URL that @Stephen referenced in comments.

Aside: You also have a redirect loop elsewhere in your code (when the page loads) that results in a repeated request for /2016/04/cabin-crew-cover-letter-examples.html.

  • Thanks a lot. That made sense and I have aborted the redirect because of such issues. I appreciate your feedback.
    – pro946
    Commented Jun 11, 2018 at 1:22

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