I am using a Contact Form 7 which allows you to attach a PDF file to the message:


Chrome correctly shows a filter:


Firefox correctly shows a filter:


Internet Explorer also shows a filter:


But Microsoft Edge:


It is not setting a filter. Is this:

  • A bug with the Contact Form 7 plugin?
  • A bug with Microsoft Edge?

I do not have access to other desktop browsers, eg. Safari, to test.

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    To test other browsers I recommend a service that lets you use a wide variety of browsers remotely. I use crossbrowsertesting.com for $30/month. Others are browserstack.com and browserling.com and browsera.com Commented May 23, 2018 at 13:59
  • I am not really in a position to pay for such features as this is not a financial enterprise. I was hoping a user had previous experience with Edge for this matter. Or Microsoft personnel. Commented May 23, 2018 at 15:26

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Your Contact Form 7 is using accept=".pdf" on the file input HTML. This instructs browsers that know how, to only show files which have a file name matching the pattern. Ideally your contact form would also specify the PDF mime type which would give slighty wider browser support, especially on mobile: accept=".pdf,application/pdf". However, even that won't work with Microsoft Edge.

It is a known issue that Microsoft Edge doesn't really support the accept attribute for file input. In Microsoft Edge the All files (*) drop down contains the filter, but it is never selected by default. Users have to manually select it from the drop down to get the filter applied. Can I Use reports that Edge does not support this feature even though Microsoft Internet Explorer does.

On StackOverflow Limit file format when using <input type=“file”>? says that this is a browser client side feature that is easy to override or hack. If it is important that users can only upload PDF files, your server side controller needs to enforce that.

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