We have GA installed on almost every website and with GDPR implementation we have to give user option to Opt-Out from google analytics.

I didnt fine any such option in GA which we can use rather there are few steps which we can setup in GA such as Block Advertisement, Make IP Anonymize, block

Most difficult one is to give user Opt-Out option. Is there an easy an reliable way of doing it.

or how we can block it using JavaScript, What are the other measure that we can take make GA compliance with GDPR

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As of today, I don't believe Google services can be considered EU GDPR compliant. With or without opt-out option. Further reading: https://piwik.pro/blog/is-google-analytics-gdpr-compliant/

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  • Are you affiliated with this site? May 26 at 9:57
  • What question is that? They offer a clear and well documented explanation. Moreover, they offer a free solution for the EU market compliant to EU GDPR. It is very hard to find analytic services EU GDPR compliant, especially free like Google. Unfortunately, Google Analytics is not compliant to EU GDPR. Why don't you help to clarify this matter rather than criticising all my answers and leaving users exposed to legal risks? May 26 at 12:13

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