I am hosting a customer's OpenCart store on my own domain hosting. I have add-on domain in my CPanel for customer's domain and created sub domain for it to ease access. Other than the double authentication everything works just fine.

I have a UCC 5 SSL Certificate with GoDaddy to cover my customer's domain I am not sure if it is a .htaccess or CPanel than would fix this.

OpenCart store is physically under www.mydomain.example/customer_store, which is password protected

Add-on domain is set as shop.customerdomain.example and points to physical store location above.

In browser address bar, when entering shop.customerdomain.example it will request authentication twice, one for HTTP and one for HTTPS. Very similar to most questions on forums a the difference that working with an add-on domain. I've tried StrictSSL and SSLRequest but to no fix.

When entering www.mydomain.example/customer_store authentication is requested only once.

So my question is, if it can be solved in .htaccess, what would be the corresponding RewriteCond for add-on domain?

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