I have h2 and h5 headings with generic names, such as 'editor picks', 'tags', and 'all articles'.

Would it be better for SEO to give them unique and almost playful names with keywords?

  • thanks all. i think i have it sorted. thanks for the kind words Brian. i'll definitely follow your advice. Ciaran, i've changed it since.
    – user6482
    Commented Apr 4, 2011 at 8:04

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I'd recommend adding more descriptive keywords into your h1 and h2 lines such as:

  • Service Shops in Location
  • Following Service Trends
  • Video: Description
  • Video: Description A
  • Video: Description B
  • All Articles
  • Service in Location
  • Service Artist
  • Network
  • Popular Tags

The outline of your current home page is as follows (Web Developer Toolbar > Information > View document outline):

<h1>Service in Location</h1>
<h2>Editor Picks</h2>
<h3>Video: Description of Video 1</h3>
<h3>Video: Description of Video 2
<h3>Video: Description of Video 3
<h2>All Articles</h2>
<h3>Related Article 1</h3>
<h3>Related Article 1</h3>
<h3>Related Article 1</h3>
<h3>Related Article 1</h3>
<h3>Related Article 1</h3>
<h4>Network Links</h4>
<h4>Popular Tags</h4>

It's reasonably well constructed and I wouldn't fiddle with it too much.

But, some thoughts:

  • It won't hurt to add keywords to the H2s - something like 'Service Location, Articles' would be fine
  • However, don't obscure the meaning of the sections with overly playful names
  • Your site name 'Company Name | Location Service Phase' is not wrapped in a H1
  • The H1 'Service in Location ' - could be considered cloaking.

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