I want whenever a live stream content is available on my website like a sports match then I want to Google to show a live stream preview in its result from the video tag.

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What I think is I need to inject Google Structured Data (JSON+LD) in my video page but I cannot depend on or wait for google crawler/spider as the live steam can be scheduled within a short notice of a day or can be postponed anytime.


How to show live stream badge in google search?

How to notify google immediately about the live steam video or a change?


well, Google uses for such goals a socalled real time indexing API. You'll get more detailed info reading this post.

In short, you should:

  • implement AMP,
  • structured data,
  • and push content to Google by Atom XML.
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  • Do I have to implement AMP? is it possible to do it without AMP – Vikas Bansal May 4 '18 at 11:28

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