I want to move our page from site.example to www.site.example/home but keep the SEO rankings from when that same content resided on the root domain.

Then I want to build back up the site.example domain level page to be an entirely different page with different content, and for it to get its own rankings, all while keeping the rankings for the redirected page on /home.

We were thinking to move an identical page to /home, then put in a 301 or 302 redirect on the root domain. Then, sometime later, remove the redirect to have an alternate homepage begin getting indexed for its own content and keywords.

How do I keep the juice going from root to the new page in the future, when I ultimately recreate another page at the root?

  • I'm not sure that redirecting away from your home page root URL to a deep URL is ever a good idea. It looks awful. Apr 28, 2018 at 11:36


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