We currently have a website, let's call it https://supersystem.example.com We also offer customized versions of the website to clients, in the past we would throw those custom files into a sub3folder and the client would access it via https://supersystem.example.com/client1/

The software has been upgraded and now has different architecture so that will no longer work. Now each custom site needs to be its own website in IIS.

What I'd like to avoid doing is https://client1.supersystem.example.com because I would like to keep using our *.example.com wildcard SSL cert.

So one option is https://client1-supersystem.example.com But I'm curious if with URL Rewrite if I could make https://supersystem.example.com/client1/ go to https://supersystem.example.com:8081 for example and then have each of the custom websites just on different ports, 8081, 8082, etc.

  1. Is that feasible?
  2. If so, what would one put into the bindings for https://supersystem.example.com:8081, particularly the SSL binding since supersystem.example.com is already in the bindings for the main site on port 80/443.
  3. Any other better ways to do this?

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