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I have to renew a website for a sport club. There is some self programmed CMS in use at this time. But I need a new solution. A popular CMS that could be up to date over the next 3 or 4 years.

I took a look at Drupal 7. Not sure about whether it's easy possible to create member profiles (they should be able to edit them self), a board and team overviews. Would be cool you'll share the link of a tutorial for this needs if you have one. Or...

Any suggestions for a good CMS with my needs?


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If you're looking for an easy CMS go with Joomla. If you're looking for heavy customizability go with Drupal.

DRUPAL VS JOOMLA - Key Pros and Cons


  • Rock solid & high quality platform
  • Real multi-site-feature (only one installation for several sites)
  • Any Kind of user groups & user permissions, OpenId compliant in Version 6
  • Can run membership and community sites, not only CMS etc
  • Powerful templating system. Any XHTML or CSS template can be easily converted to Drupal.
  • Drupal needs a little time investment to realize all the huge possibilities of Drupal
  • Clear, high quality code and API (easy to integrate with other solutions etc)
  • Flexibility and no known limitations
  • Many high profile sites use Drupal (e.g.: MTV UK, BBC, the Onion, Nasa, Greenpeace UK, New york observer. )


  • If you are not techy its good to start
  • Easy install & setup with your mouse
  • Easy learning curve
  • Cannot integrate other scripts etc. to your site
  • Generally you cannot create high-end sites, without investing huge amount
  • No SEO out of the box, URLs are not search engine friendly.
  • Server resources utilization is more compared to drupal
  • Only one site per installation
  • No Single Log-in to several sites
  • No User groups & permissions
  • More intuitive administration user interface
  • Some polished modules for things like calendars, polls, etc.
  • Modules cost you money

System Requirements:

  • Drupal can work with MySQL and Postgres while Joomla is known to support only MySQL
  • Joomla support SSL logins and SSL pages. Drupal not known to support it.

Site Management

  • Drupal has free add on for Workflow management. Joomla not known to have one.
  • Drupal has inbuilt Translation manager. Joomla has a Free ad on for the same
  • Drupal has more granular priviledge managment


  • Drupal has iCal support [Add on] , Joomla not known to have one.
  • Drupal is XHTML Complaint. Joomla not known to be one.
  • Drupal has excellent versioning and Audit trail which Joomla lacks

If you are still not satisfied, I suggest you read the following

  • It was helpful, but it was not my question. Someone changed the title. I didn't want a Drupal vs. Joomla thread. But thanks anyway. Commented Apr 2, 2011 at 12:19

It would help if you describe what is the core first. I mean what are the main benefits the user will get from this website. Is it a news site? A shop? A social network? A video site?

Drupal could be a solution as it's extensible and there's already many modules available. And yes users can create and edit their own profiles in Drupal.


I can advise JoomSport component for Joomla.

JoomSport is well structured and easy administrated. It allows to manage Teams/Individual tournaments and teams/players profiles via BE as well as via FE. There is ability to display Season table and calendar.

Website- http://joomsport.com/ Demo site- http://demo.joomsport.com/

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