I have noticed in my inbox that a number of companies have their avatar/logo displayed next to their address/message snippet.

This is true in a number of email clients that I have used - Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, Blue mail....

I have searched online and all info seems to be relating to Gmail.

I am keen to find out for my own business...

Gmail appears easy and there is a lot if literature on nthe web showing how to do this.

I am keen to find out how to have my avatar show on the other email clients: blue mail, Thuderbird, outlook etc

where do they pick up my companies email avatar from?

Any help surrounding this would be much appreciated

  • @stephen Ostermiller - You have marked my question as a duplicate and I can see understand to a certain extent. However, my question is not specific to google. You will see from my question, however, that I am not looking for Gmail details. I am mopre concerned with other email clients. there is information all over the web relating to gmail. I want to know how to have my avatar show on outlook, thunderbird, bluemail etc – SupGen Jun 14 '18 at 12:02
  • For Gmail, the answer is here: As a bulk sender, is there a way to make Gmail show my avatar? I've re-opened this so it can be answered for other email providers. – Stephen Ostermiller Jun 14 '18 at 13:01

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