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Which Content Management System (CMS) should I use?

I've been trying to find an image gallery that plays nice with our custom CMS. I've evaluated a number of them, but none of them seems to have the feature list that I would like:

  • Run on LAMP environment
  • Free software or low license costs (the website belongs to a non-profit organisation)
  • Multi-user support
  • Multiple albums. We're posting concert pictures, and would like an album per event.
  • Pluggable authentication system. I want to reuse the accounts we have for our CMS. Permissions can be done inside the gallery itself, but I want to have a single sign on solution in a maintainable manner, by writing my own plugin/add-on for the software.
  • Upload support (multiple images at the same time)

And preferrably also:

  • Can be integrated into a PHP page layout without IFRAMEs
  • Automatic resizing of uploaded images to a maximum size
  • Ability for visitors to place comments

This combination is proving hard to find, especially the authentication requirement. I don't want to mess around all over the place in the source code to make it use the existing authentication. A plugin would be ideal, but alternatively a well thought out software design that allows for maintainable surgical changes would be acceptable.

Any suggestions on which software I should take a closer look into?


Try Coppermine Photo Gallery: it seems to have all the features you need.

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