I have added my Android app property to my Google Search Console account and now I can use Search Analytics report to see the keyphrases that drive organic traffic to my app on play store. My app is a mobile version of my site (which has a significant organic traffic & PageRank) and the same name with it. However, when someone searches with my site's name from his mobile, I was expecting my app would at least rank on the first page of results after my site, which doesn't happen.

There is an option to Associate your app with your website so Google can automatically try to index and crawl your app by inferring the app structure from the website structure, and the website can get a ranking boost in Google Search results.

Let's say that I don't want my app's pages (I don't use deep linking) to be crawled & indexed instead of my Website pages: Is there any other benefit for the App with the association with my website, if the website has a significant organic performance & authority? Will, in other words, Google favour my app in Google Searches (e.g General Ranking, App Packs etc)?

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