I am trying to build a custom report showing the number of goal completions split by event (category/action/label).

Following the set-up outlined in this forum answer, I have created a report with the following configuration: GA custom report configuration

The data in the resulting report is showing no goals completions for these events (yet sessions are correctly counted): enter image description here

I have checked the following:

  • This custom report works with other dimensions (e.g. landing page) - i.e. it shows data for goal completions.
  • The goal > Overview report shows completions when segmented by the event categories/actions/labels in the custom report (so I know that there is data to show).

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This is likely related to mixing scopes. Events are hit-scoped whereas goals are session-scoped. Landing pages are also session-scoped which is why you're able to build the report using that as a dimension.

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