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I have website with subdomains, example: example.com, de.example.com, fr.site.com ... language support. Is it correct to use one Sitemap.xml on main domain example.com?

Example sitemap.xml:


.... or will be correct to use sitemap for each subdomain?

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  • Specifically see Unor's answer on the duplicate question: webmasters.stackexchange.com/a/82743 All URLs in a sitemap must be on the same subdomain where the sitemap is hosted. You will have to create multiple sitemaps and host the sitemap for each subdomain on that subdomain – Stephen Ostermiller Mar 19 '18 at 14:50

I'll recommend you to create one sitemap per subdomain and use a sitemaps index file. That way you can see the evolution in Google Search Console for each subdomain.

I treat subdomain as images or videos (each in a separate sitemap).

enter image description here

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