I have a website where an URL-scheme like www.domain.com/#user=1 does get used. This scenario is happening for 2 months now and we have some views each day (enough to track them). If we now check in Google Analytics we see none of these pages listed although we have verified >50 views per page/ day.

We have no filters set at all. GA is installed with gtag.js. And on another project I have exactly that scheme that gets tracked correctly although we have way less views there per page

that's how it should work

What am I missing there?

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Google Analytics does not track the hashtag (URL fragment) by default.

You can update the data before sending it to Analytics (track pageviews).

gtag('config', 'GA_TRACKING_ID', {
  'page_path': location.pathname + location.hash

Or you can use Google Tag Manager.

The data you are showing with the URL fragment on Analytics must have one of them implemented. Also check AllowAnchor in case it's being used on this view.

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