I am trying to create a funnel of the signup process (i.e. how many users bail out at each step).

However the numbers don't match up with the site statistics. I think the funnel is session based and not unique users based. And it also seems that a user can be counted multiple times.

What is the suggested way to get a funnel that simply tells me how many of the distinct users bail out at which step?

  • I'm sure there's a more exact way to do it, but if example.com/signup has 20 visitors, example.com/signupstep has 10 visitors and example.com/signupcomplete has 5 visitors, you can see that 10 people went to the signup step but only 5 people completed the process.
    – Michael d
    Commented Mar 5, 2018 at 18:59
  • I"m not sure signup lends itself very well to funnels. It usually involves a "confirm email" step outside the browser. Commented Mar 5, 2018 at 19:08

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Different data

Google Analytics goals are tracked one per session. If a visitor use the signup form twice in the same session, Analytics will only count one conversion. Also, in order to get all signups you should track non-javascript visits.

That could explain the differences with the real registered users.

Creating a funnel

Make sure the final goal is tracked only after a user is registered and it's not public (no one can't convert without signing up).

In order to create a funnel you should have a clear path to the conversion. If you can signup from any part of your site, maybe it's not a good idea to create a funnel. The same applies if your process has an external step (email) as Stephen suggested in the comments.

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