Whenever I publish a new article to my site, Google reports a new error by default in Search Console.

hAtom Error

I don't see what the issue is. How do I fix this?


Hatom is apart of Hentry which is a microformat for structured data and by default comes enabled in WordPress. It is a common occurrence that WP themes especially those that are 'free' have one or more issues with markup in relation to Hentry, many developers do not test their themes with Google's rich snippet testing tool.

You have 3 choices to fix the issue:

  1. Contact your template designer or change theme.
  2. Edit the template files and try to attempt to fix the issue yourself.
  3. Disable Hentry.

It's a issue experienced by thousands of webmasters all over the globe and you should have no issue finding out further information and solutions to fix the issue.

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