Is there a place that defines each Google my business category? I am working on SEO for a Cleaning Company that provides janitorial services to local businesses/schools/hospitals..

Upon obtaining access to their Google Business Admin Page. I noticed that one of their sub categories was "Cleaners".

My initial thought was "Cleaners" doesn't mean what they think it means. I was thinking this word as a category would be served for "Dry Cleaning" and "Laundromat" businesses. However when you search "cleaners" on Google. The definition is someone who cleans.. And the first couple listings ARE cleaning/janitorial companies.

That being said ALL the local listings and other pages were indeed laundromats and dry cleaning businesses, which we don't want.

How do I find the exact definition for each Google category?


Here is the link to all of the categories, use the tabs at the bottom to select your language.


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