Exporting Template:Stub from Wikipedia for use on non-WMF wiki, it transcludes Scribunto Module:Asbox which has on line 233:

' is a [[Wikipedia:stub|stub]]. You can help Wikipedia by [',

Substituting Wikipedia with magic word {{SITENAME}} doesn't work here. How to replace Wikipedia for the comparable Lua function mw.site.siteName, so that pages transcluding the stub template shows the local wiki name instead?

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    FWIW {{SITENAME}} is generally the wrong thing to do (no guarantees that is the name of the namespace); you'd want to replace it with Project, or {{ns:Project}}. – Tgr Feb 18 '18 at 5:47

Use mw.site.namespaces:

' is a [[' .. mw.site.namespaces.Project.name .. ':stub|stub]]. You can help ' .. mw.site.siteName .. ' by ['

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