I'm trying to find out the previous url to the given url and get into a mess on this.

I'm currently in analytics view Behavior→all pages. The first column is page. My tries are to add a secondary dimonesion, and here what i get:

  • Destination Page - there i get the same url, as in page,
  • Next Page Path - same thing, same url, as in page,
  • Second Page - looks always like next higher directory. If Page in the first column is /1/2/3/, Second Page is /1/2/, if Page is /1/2/, Second Page is /1/.

My thoughts - something is wrong in analytics setup, or i just how things i'm lookig for are working.

Could somebody point me into the right direction? I need to know what is the next url, which was visited after the given url (given = primary page url in the view).

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In Behavior->Overview, click on the page that you want to view more details on. Then click Secondary Dimension->Behavior->Previous Page Path

Google Analytics - Previous page path


Above the chart, look for it where it has 2 tabs one labelled Explorer, the other Navigation Summary. Change it so you're looking at the Navigation Summary. There you'll see a previous and next page report.

  • This is the view only for one url, which is current selection and it needs to be selected manually. An export doesn't deliver the data list too - only for the currently selected url. This view isn't usable. Is there a possibility to see the same but as the secondary dimension?
    – Evgeniy
    Feb 14, 2018 at 12:07

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