I have long articles on my website, so I was wondering if there are any limits on word count for articleBody while implementing Schema.org.

Should I tag the whole text as articleBody or just a brief?

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Schema.org sets no limits like that. It’s your text, it’s as long as it is. If you use articleBody, you should provide the full text. Otherwise you misuse this property, as it’s defined to hold the body of the article, not just a part of the body. For a teaser/summary/abstract, use description instead.

Consumers might of course have technical limits when working with articleBody.

In case of the consumer Google Search: their Article rich result doesn’t seem to make use of articleBody at all, so they have no need to declare a possible length limit.


There is no Word Count limit as the viewpoint of Schema.org.

But According to Google and Experts, Your Content Must be Upto 10000 words.

But no limit of wordcount in schema markup. you can write your content long as much you need.

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