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A website I'm building has a product search page with many options. Name, size, category, etc.

Currently the url is search.php and the GET string (when the user submits the form) effectively just returns search.php?name=abc&size=3,6,8&category=12&available=yes etc.

Is this best for SEO or should I construct some URL like search/name/abc/size/3,6,8/category/12/available/yes or similar? I could just exclude the entire search.php page in the robots file, which seems sensible, as it's not a massively optimised page for any particular keywords.

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Historically, Google have recommended using robots.txt to block search results pages.

Whilst their Webmaster Guidelines no longer say this explicitly, it's still considered good practice to block indexing these pages. I like the technique Yoast uses, which involves including a <meta name="robots" content="noindex,follow"/> tag. This way Google can still crawl the page and find links to your products, but won't index the page itself.

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