I just noticed that my site PremierDisability.com is getting a massive amount of backlinks from two sites. One of them is only pointing to just one page over 400 times.

Yellow Pages is pointing to my home page with what looks like different local city search terms. I'm not worried about that harming my SEO since it's YP. But the other is from Symptoma.com pointing at medical condition page we have for RSD. I don't think the site is necessarily spam, but would Google think this is spam since it has 422 pointing to one page?

And if I were to disavow the Symptoma.com links and later found it hurt my domain authority, could I remove that disavow to restore everything? I'm super hesitant to disavow anything after reading some stories. But we really want to be more active in our backlink management.

Links to site

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enter image description here

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