Is having /AMP at the end of the URL for mobile not good for search engines compared to a regular URL?


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No, it is good - if used correctly. Google developed the amp project for better performance using mobile devices.

Some good reads: https://www.ampproject.org/

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Just putting /Amp won't add any value. If you want to introduce Mobile page follow this advice: https://developers.google.com/search/mobile-sites/mobile-seo/separate-urls

If you want to introduce AMP on your website, then talk to your developer because AMP HTML syntax is different. https://www.ampproject.org/learn/overview/


  • Actual URL: https://www.example.com/store/reliance-trends
  • AMP URL: https://www.example.com/store/reliance-trends/amp

Add below in text on your mobile & Desktop version Pages inside <head> tag

<link rel="amphtml" href="https://www.example.com/store/reliance-trends/amp" >

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