As per common practice, UA-codes should always be placed on head section of the website.

But in this case, our web developers would like to place the ua-code on the footer of the site coz "it's an angular site".

Does placing the UA-code on footer of an angular site works like a normal site that has the UA-code on the head section?


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You won't be able to get some features, such as real-time reporting, or Google Webmaster Tools verification, unless the code sits within the <head>. The whole point of the asynchronous code is that it loads and works while the rest of the page is loading. There is no UX risk from placing it within the , and it is best-practice to do so. source: Google Analytics Support

When troubleshoting Google Analytics, the most common tracker setup mistake and the first thing to verify is if the code is right after the tag. source: Google Analytics Support

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