According to the Microdata specification,

If the <meter> element has the [value] attribute and it is an itemprop, then the itemprop value should be the value of that [value] attribute.

<div itemscope="" itemtype="http://schema.org/Rating">
  <meta itemprop="worstRating" content="0">
  <meta itemprop="bestRating" content="1">
  <meter min="0" max="1" value="0.4" itemprop="ratingValue">Poor</meter>

The value of ratingValue should be 0.4, however, it is incorrectly displayed as Poor, which is the textContent of the element.

Test it in Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool. The same result is obtained with Yandex’s Structured Data Validator.

Screenshot of Google’s SDTT showing 'Poor' as the itemprop value.

How do I get the machine to recognize the [value] attribute as the correct value?

By the way, any additional info on where I can submit bugs for these tools would be appreciated.

  • I don’t think it should be part of the question to ask about how to report bugs to the tool providers. If considered on-topic here, it could be its own question, I guess. Anyway, both tools offer a way to provide feedback (Yandex: "Feedback" link in the footer; Google: "Feedback" button hidden behind the gear icon).
    – unor
    Jan 5, 2018 at 15:54

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Indeed, this seems to be a bug in their tools.

Two workarounds

  • Add a content attribute with the value (valid according to W3C’s current Working Draft of Microdata):

    <meter min="0" max="1" value="0.4" content="0.4" itemprop="ratingValue">Poor</meter>
  • Move the itemprop to a meta element (valid according to all Microdata specs):

    <meter min="0" max="1" value="0.4">Poor</meter>
    <meta itemprop="ratingValue" content="0.4">
  • unfortunately, both workarounds require duplicate code
    – chharvey
    Jan 5, 2018 at 15:54

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