Referrer data is lost when a HTTPS site links to a HTTP site.

If you implement a 301 rediect from your HTTP site to your HTTPS site do you get referrer data?

Referring Site  |          Your Site 
      HTTPS    >>>   HTTP  >>> 301 >>> HTTPS

or do you have to make sure the source HTTPS site links directly to your HTTPS site?

Referring Site  |  Your Site 
      HTTPS    >>>   HTTPS

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If you bounce at all to HTTP, even in a 301 case, you will lose the header. The 301 is handled by the browser (or other client) so the protocol transition will happen there.

Some possible workaround ideas here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/43916848/implement-http-to-https-redirect-preserving-google-analytics-referrer

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