What is the best practise to prevent SERPS from other subdomains (locales) appearing in a specific region.

For instance a search in CA should only return pages from the subdomain ca.example.com and not from other locales such as uk.example.com.

I know of the hreflang attr but are there other measures to prevent/block subdomains from other regions competing.


Apply the Structured Data Properties Organization or LocalBusiness (Use the most specific LocalBusiness sub-type possible; for example, Restaurant, DaySpa, HealthClub, and so on). According to Guide to Local Businesses of Google:

For a business with sub-departments, each with its own distinct properties such as opening hours or telephone numbers, you can mark up the department property with an element for each sub-department. Define properties that differ from the main store individually in each respective department element.

Also these properties have the following elements suitable for localization and for the attitude of the main office and branches: address + containedInPlace + containsPlace + location + parentOrganization + subOrganization

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