I generally manage my Linux servers by logging in as root and doing everything from the command line (because I just do small stuff) but I've been asked to take over a WHM/CPanel Service with multiple accounts and I need to get them moved onto SSL. For the most part I've managed this with the Wordpress sites but I have a Ruby on Rails site running, with an auto SSL installed but when going to https://example.com it gives a list of the files/directories. Where in WHM can I amend the virtual host so it directs the server correctly?

I have tried following this link but including the conf files in /usr/local/apache2/conf.d/userdata/ssl/2_4/user/domain/includename.conf because the CENTOS setup doesn't have a /etc/apache2/ but it doesn't work.

I wondered if you could give some guidance.

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Cpanel/WHM does NOT support Ruby on Rails out the box, you need to provision the Ruby via mod_passenger profile under your EasyApache 4 and deploy each application from Cpanel Application Manager Interface.




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