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How to find web hosting that meets my requirements?

I want to host a Java web application. How to decide which hosting service provider to choose from. Is there any source of info where from I can get such info. Yes most important, being from India which service provider service should I use, from those who say there servers are located in US or they who say their servers are located in India itself.

Thanks in advance from any suggestion/reply to this query.

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You can use Google App Engine or use a Linux VPS and install Jetty.


I've had a good experience with Java Web Hosting for my pscode.org site & 3 others. They have reliable servers and offer great service/support.


In my opinion, your best option would be to find a cheap VPS. I use 123 Systems, they are a budget VPS provider and by no means the best option. I have found the Google App Engine to be a bit limiting from a coding perspective.