I have a tourism website that contains popular parks, museums, temples, historical places and so on. All of them have some opening and closing time.

Now each of my categories has a type in Schema.org except tombs, forts and world heritage sites (in shot historical places). So what I did is, wrote only "TouristAttraction" in the "@type" field.

Now the problem is Google’s SDTT is saying:

The property openingHours is not recognized by Google for an object of type TouristAttraction.

as a warning in that case only.

So what type should I define for historical places so that I can also write their opening and closing timings without getting any warning from the SDTT?


You could use the property type as OpeningHoursSpecification

The property values could be closes of type time dayOfWeek of type DayOfWeek opens of type time validFrom of type DateTime validThrough of type DateTime

This should work. You can read more here: http://schema.org/OpeningHoursSpecification

By the way have a look at Qualifying content types for Google's Structured Data. It says Google only supports Articles, Local Business, Music, Receipes, Reviews, TV & Movies, Videos, Products, JobPostings, PodCasts, Datasets, FactChecks etc. I am little unsure if Google will show the results on SERP for OpeningHoursSpecification. Please correct me if I am wrong.


The openingHours property is not defined for the TouristAttraction type, so it makes sense that Google’s SDTT doesn’t recognize it.

But TouristAttraction defines an alternative:

Both properties expect values of the type OpeningHoursSpecification.

  • How do you show closed for certain days Sunday is closed no hours need to show how do I display that openingHoursSpecification -> doesn't show any example – jibin george Sep 16 '19 at 10:55
  • @jibingeorge: Please ask a separate question for this (How to Ask). – unor Sep 16 '19 at 12:42

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