How does Google Analytics calculate the Avg Page Load Time and what is taken into consideration while calculating Avg Page Load Time?

Let's assume I have an HTML file that refers to a few CSS files, JS files and images and this HTML makes a few AJAX calls, inside the jQuery document.ready() event.

Is Page Load Time the sum of the download times of the items below or does it exclude any of them?:

  1. Download time of HTML file
  2. Download time of all CSS files
  3. Download time of all JS files
  4. Download time of all images
  5. AJAX calls response time

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pnuts' comment above is accurate. I wanted to also offer some suggestions on tools to help optimize site/page performance.

Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Edge have development tools to mimic load times over different network speeds.

Two common sites used to rate a page on a website's performance are:

GT Metrix:  https://gtmetrix.com/

GT Metrix Performance Reporting Service

Pingdom Tools:  https://tools.pingdom.com/

Pingdom Performance Reporting Service

Both GTmetrix & Pingdom Tools provide guidance/information as to what steps to take to address each warning/flag in the performance report in their web interface. GTmetrix's results can be downloaded in the form of a PDF to share with others.

In addition to the above, Google offers PageSpeed Insights: developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights

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