I registered for Google AdSense about a week ago. On the page asking me for my country, I accidentally selected the wrong one. Then it asked me for my address and stuff like that in the wrongly chosen country. There was no go-back, either a "cancel registration" button.

I watched a video on YouTube on how to delete your account. I understood that I have to go to settings and delete my account from there. The configuration option in the navigation was disabled. Screenshot:

Disabled navigation items

The thing I did: I randomly filled up the fields, hoping I'll be able to access the settings tab after I complete the registration and then delete my account and start again. And what happened? Now I see this message:

"We're reviewing your site"


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Unfortunately, According to this article you can't really do much until Google 'Reviews' your account:

Unfortunately, there isn't anything you can do until Google has processed your application.

You likely set off some sort of security measure after filling out fields randomly.

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