I am working as a student assistent for a University on a Wordpress website that contains courses.

They want for each course a overview of pageviews. The problem I am facing is that the course contains multiple different URLs which are not relatable to eachother.

The URLs are as followed (examples):

  • www.website.com/course/Statica/index.html
  • www.website.com/course/course-lectures/1-introductie.html
  • www.website.com/course/course-lectures/2-Krachtendiagrammen.html
  • www.website.com/course/course-readings/3-Wrijvingscoefficient.html

Is there a way to 'combine' statistics and generate a report for the course 'Statica'?


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You need to create a report that filter the pageviews of this particular group of pages. Call the report “Statica Report”.

I will recommend following this tutorial on how to do this

Add as many filters as pages you need to group, also try to identify common patterns or URL similarly to simplify the creating filter process.

  • Excuse me for my late response, but I've found the solution via your link! Found correlations in the urls with the combination of regex. Thank you!
    – Bilzard
    Commented Sep 29, 2017 at 11:25

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