We've set up a Google Tag Manager trigger for successful signups. We've configured it like this:

Trigger type: Other - Custom Event
Event name: Successful Signup
This trigger fires on : Some Custom Events
Fire this trigger when an Event occurs and all of these conditions are true
Event equals successful_signup

screenshot from google tag manager trigger configuration

We fire the event using custom JavaScript like this:

dataLayer.push({'event': 'successful_signup'})

When we inspect the page, it looks like the event is firing, but it's applying an additional condition that we didn't specify: _event equals Successful Signup.

screenshot from browser plugin

Why is this extra condition being applied?

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The Event Name matters

We thought that the "Event Name" was just a human-readable label, but apparently it actually has to match what is sent by JS. Changing it to match what's sent by JavaScript (dataLayer.push({'event': 'successful_signup'})) got it working.

screenshot from google tag manager renaming event

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